Biotechnology Studies Delft Leiden (BSDL)

The institute Biotechnology Studies Delft Leiden (BSDL) was founded in 1987 and has since then very successfully organised various types of postdoctoral education. BSDL was founded as a joint initiative in biotechnological post-graduate education of Delft University of Technology and Leiden University and still is coordinated from the department of Biotechnology of Delft University of Technology.

BSDL aimed to organize post-graduate education and short courses in the biotechnology and related areas such as pharma, nutrition, fine chemistry, and the environment. All in consultation with businesses.

Two main tasks were set:

  1. Organizing short international courses (Advanced Courses) on various areas in the biotechnology and quality management, for industry, institute and university participants.
  2. Set up two-year postgraduate courses for the training of biotechnological R&D specialists and design specialists for industry and environmental (PDEng training).

Furthermore, BSDL has developed three postgraduate training programs:

–       Postgraduate Vocational Biotechnology / Advanced Study in Biotechnology;
–       Design Engineering Bioprocess Technology / Designer Program BioProcess Engineering (BPE);
–       Designers BioProductdesign / Designer Program BioProduct Design (BPD).

The “Advanced Study in Biotechnology” in 2007 went into the “Designer Program BioProduct Design”. Both designer training programs are no longer covered by BSDL, but have been transferred to the Delft Process and Product Design Institute (DPPDI).

Until 2011, BSDL also organized the highly successful “Training Course on Quality Management in Pharma and Biotech”. Currently, this course is continued at and through PAO-Pharmacy.

On september 2016 Foundation Biotechnology Studies Delft Leiden has been renamed and became Biotechnology Academy Delft, or short: BioTech Delft.

BSDL has organised approximately 25 different courses over the course of more than 30 years.  Two of the early courses that were organised by BSDL (Microbial Physiology and Fermentation Technology and Downstream Processing) are still successfully running up until today!