Frequently Asked Questions

Course fee

The costs of our courses can be found with the course info, under the “fee” tab. The fee includes course materials, lunches, and part of the dinners (this is indicated per course). However, the fee does not include other meals and hotel costs.

Course fees can be paid by bank transfer or credit card (we are required to charge extra costs for this option; please contact us). TU Delft employees can use their internal (project) code. Customers are requested to pay the course fee within 30 days after the invoice date, but at the latest six weeks before the course starts. In case of payment before this date, the reduced course fee applies. After this date, we charge the full course fee. The course fees need to be on our bank account before the course starts..


Payment of the course fee and any resulting bank charges should be made by bank transfer:

IBAN number NL44 FVLB 0225 2517 52

Stichting BioTechDelft:
Van der Maasweg 9
2629 HZ  DELFT
the Netherlands

Bank information:
Van Lanschot
Hooge Steenweg 29
the Netherlands


Payment by creditcard is possible, but we are required to charge extra for this; please contact us. TU Delft employees can pay using their internal (project) code.

As a non-profit educational institution, we are not liable for VAT.  (Als onderwijsinstelling is BioTechDelft vrijgesteld van BTW)

Payment should be received six weeks before the course starts to prevent deregistration.

Fellowship for PhD’s

For every course, there is a limited number of fellowships available for PhD students (reduced course fee). To apply for this fellowship, please indicate on the registration form that you are a PhD student and upload a proof of registration as PhD student (e.g. a letter of appointment). We will contact you a.s.a.p. to inform you if fellowships are still available.


Delft is popular among tourists and there are many hotels in Delft. We can assist you with your hotel reservation and make sure you are in a hotel at a reasonable distance from the course location. The price will be roughly €95 per person per night for a single room.

Preparatory text

For a number of courses there is preparatory material available to help you prepare for the course. The preparatory texts and/or videos can be accessed via the portal on our website. To get access, you need to enroll and after you got approved, you can login. You can enroll roughly three weeks before the course starts and when we have received the course fee.

Certificates / ECTS / GSC

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate signed by the course board as a proof of your successful participation in the course. In addition, the number of ECTS awarded will be stated in the accompanying letter (2 ECTS for a 1-week course, 3 ECTS for a 2-week course). All courses are awarded with 5 GSC (Graduate School Credits).

I have a complaint

For general complaints, please email As Program Director, he can be contacted regarding all courses, policies and communications.

If you have the idea you are not helped correctly, you can contact the board of the foundation, starting with the chair. Furthermore it is possible to contact the ‘ombudsman’ of the TU Delft, as independent party.

For more details regarding complaints, click here.

What if I already payed and the course is being canceled or moved?

For example during the COVID-19 crisis. All courses that are cancelled or moved, the participant will be given a choice: Get fully refunded, or stay enrolled and participate in the next course.

For the next run of the course, participants can still freely de-register until 8 weeks before the course starts.

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