Free MOOC Industrial Biotechnology

Due to the Coronavirus many of us are working from home, worldwide. We have therefore decided to open the MOOC Industrial Biotechnology as of tomorrow, March 24, at 2 pm CET until the June 2nd. Feel free to distribute to your contacts. Participation is free.

What will you learn in the MOOC:

Week 1: Biotechnology for Biobased Products

  • Transition from fossil fuels to biobased materials
  • Sustainable feedstocks to products by microorganisms
  • Introduction to the 1,3 propanediol (PDO) case

Week 2: Opportunities of microorganisms

  • Compound balances
  • Microbial rates
  • Nutrient requirements

Week 3: Black Box model

  • Basis of fermentation process
  • The process reaction
  • Performance of microorganisms
  • Optimization product formation

Week 4: Fermentation technology

  • Design of a fermentation process
  • Optimal conditions for product formation
  • Transport limitations

Week 5: Up and Downstream processing

  • Pretreatment of feedstock
  • Product separation
  • Product concentration

Week 6: Process evaluation and Sustainability

  • Economics of a production process
  • Environmental and societal impact
  • Life cycle assessment