Grand Opening Biotech Campus Delft – Planet

On the 3rd of October 2019, the staff of BioTech Delft was invited for the Grand Opening Biotech Campus Delft. Amongst others, Constantijn van Oranje was there to open Planet, the new centre for open innovation in industrial biotechnology. Planet offers start-up companies access to an unique open ecosystem in Delft and expects to create hundreds of extra spots for start-up companies. It was an afternoon with interesting guest and speakers (see the picture). Robert Mans (lecturer at AC MPFT and assistant prof. at TU Delft) gave a very inspiring talk about the developments in Biotechnology. We also underline the need for cooperation and will organise two courses at the Biotech Campus Delft (AC MCMB and AC BD).

With the opening of Plant, DSM, TU Delft, InnovationQuarter and the government have set the next step to develop the Biotech Campus Delft to an international innovation hub!