Successful spring for BSDL

AC Bioprocess Design winning team

After a few busy months, we can look back on a very successful spring season: In April, we had the AC Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering with 22 participants. In May, the very first edition of the Bioprocess Design course took place in Wageningen. With 32 participants, the course was full. The course consisted of a combination of lectures, exercises and a case study. The team that designed the best bioprocess won the Genomatica Bioprocess Design Prize (see the picture)! The Downstream Processing course in June was also full with 37 participants (!) and at this very moment, the Environmental Biotechnology course is running with 29 participants.

For us, the preparations for the remaining 2014 courses (Genomics in Industrial Biotechnology & Metabolomics for Microbial Systems Biology) and the 2015 courses are in full swing.

We wish you a very nice summer, and hope to see you in our October or 2015 courses!