Successful hybrid version of the Bioprocess Design course

Last week Planet hosted the Advanced Course on Bioprocess Design (4 – 8 Oct. 2021) on the Biotech Campus Delft, organized by BioTech Delft. During this course 27 participants – 16 on site and 11 online – from both industry and universities participated.

The course aimed to familiarize participants with the design of innovative microbial fermentations, for bio-products such as amino acids and monomers for bio-plastics, complemented with examples of marine and mammalian processes, for micro-algae products and bio-pharmaceuticals.

Faculty staff, together with invited (inter)national experts from leading universities and industries in the bioprocess field, offered a combination of lectures, exercises and demonstrations, providing latest insights in technology innovations, non-conventional feedstocks and new bio-product categories, complemented with views from the industrial practice.

“Learning about the state-of-the-art in bioprocesses triggered new ideas to make advances in my work and contribute to expand the knowledge of the field.”

Carlos Serrano Fajardo


Every years, we have an (slightly competitive) Case Study, where participants can directly show there picked up knowledge of the course. In the group online and on-site participants worked together and below the winners. From left to right: Henk Noorman (teacher), Henrique Cardoso de Menezes de Avelar, Marcel Girard, Jonas Bafna-Ruhrer, Ailen Soto, Stella Gonidi and Amit Deskmuht (teacher). Congrats to the winners!

In their courses, BioTech Delft invites a wide variety of influential, international lecturers from universities and industries who present their vision on biotechnology and share their expertise. The Advanced Courses are short, in-depth courses, which are full-time and delivered in a timespan of either one or two weeks.

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