What is BioTech Delft doing during this summer?

This summer is different than other summers, because of the COVID-19 situation, we started to orientate ourselves in online education.

Vincent started to film a MOOC about Scale up/Scale down together with three teachers that also work at DSM, Henk Noorman, Cees Haringa en Wouter van Winden. We are working on more online biotechnology education. In the first phase, this course will be for MSc students and PDEng trainees in the field of Biotechnology. We aim to open this up for the world in 2021.

The Advanced Course Bioprocess Design (14 – 18 September 2020) will also be online for some (who are restricted to travel), and we hope we can have this Advance Course on-site at Biotech Campus Delft. So we are filming one of our very respected Emeritus Professor Sef Heijnen, giving his lectures via Skype.