Winning a free Advanced Course

Every year the department of Biotechnology launches a free online course in Industrial Biotechnology. During that course one participant will win a free all-inclusive advanced course (including trip, stay cost and food) in the Delft, Netherlands. Last years winner will follow the advanced course Microbial Physiology and Fermentation Technology. The winner of 2018 was Magdalena Amézquita, from Mexico City.

I’ve been interested in biotechnology since my undergrad studies as a Chemical Engineer. I moved to Arizona, USA for a microalgae biotechnology startup as a Fermentation Research Scientist. I heard about the MOOC when I asked one of the presenters at the UCSD Microbial Fermentation Workshop for advice on how to strengthen my fermentation/biotechnology skills. I was very driven by the prize of taking a class at one of the most prestigious universities in Biotechnology and Sustainability. I realized shortly after that I had to dedicate most of my evenings to study and participate in the forum; I think that allocating the necessary time to the class helped me in part to win the prize, the rest might have been that I enjoyed doing it. My professional background has been fermentation process development, cell metabolism, and this year I’ve been studying in my spare time synthetic biology. I chose the advanced course MPFT because I want to incorporate my learnings into my work. Understanding the cell physiology and modeling it according to its rates of production could help optimize our processes. I’m very interested in networking with all the students and professors of the course and hopefully collaborate with them in the future.

Would you also like to win a free course? Join us via the link below in our online course. Maybe, we will see you in Delft next year!

Online course Industrial Biotechnology

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